The School of Fine Arts of the University of Porto and the I2ADS – Research Institute of Art Design and Society are hosting ICOCEP, 2nd Edition of the INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON CONTEMPORARY EUROPEAN PAINTING.
After the successful edition of 2017, where we had the opportunity to received more than 70 researchers from different countries, this new edition intend to be a plural reflexion on painting as dialogical process.

The ICOCEP aims to be a platform for reflection about painting as a central phenomenon, and this year edition will be focus on the dialogical perspective of painting. Studying painting as process, painting and teaching, and the relation between painting and different contemporary contexts.

This event will also try to stimulate an interdisciplinary conversation on the production and practice of European painting, connecting a critical engagement and examination between teaching and learning, studios and classrooms, museums and galleries.

The second edition of ICOCEP will be held at the School of Fine Arts of the University of Porto from
April’s 8th to 11th of 2019.

See you in April!

Francisco Laranjo
Committee Chair


Painting as Process

This theme aims to reflect about the main lines and processes that we find nowadays in painting.

Possible themes:

  1. Art and research
  2. Painting as a dialogical process
  3. Materies and materials 
  4. From 2D to the 3D
  5. Parergon and expository context
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Painting and Teaching

The aim in this topic is to reflect about artistic education and its institutions, by analyzing issues such as methodologies, programs, and the place of the teacher inside the artistic practice.

Possible themes:

  1. Curricular plans
  2. Technical training and project
  3. Student status in painting
  4. Artist – Teacher
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Painting and Network

This theme tries to promote a discussion about painting as a social mediator, raising questions about the role of painting in a sociocultural context, considering different languages and forms of intervention.

Possible themes:

  1. Cooperative processes
  2. Art market
  3. Internet and networks
  4. dissemination and recognition
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Painting and Context

The theme Painting and Context seeks to promote a reflection about different contexts on which painting can be a relevant factor, beyond the conventional.

Possible themes:

  1. Palimpsest and painting
  2. Paint and intermediate
  3. Painting and society
  4. Environment and ecology
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Organization Committee

General Chair
Francisco Laranjo

Domingos Loureiro
Sofia Torres
Teresa Almeida

Scientific Committee

Antonio García López (FBBAAUM-SP)
António Quadros Ferreira (FBAUP-PT)
Domingos Loureiro (FBAUP-PT)
Francisco Laranjo (FBAUP-PT)
Graciela Machado (FBAUP-PT)
José Aja (FBBAAUC -SP)
José Ramalheira Vaz (FBAUP-PT)
Julio Cesar Abad Vidal (SP)
Laura Castro (U. Católica Porto-PT)
Maria de Fátima Lambert (FCSH.UNL-PT)
Paulo Luís Almeida (FBAUP-PT)
Rui Serra (FBAUL-PT)
Sofia Torres (FBAUP-PT)
Teresa Almeida (FBAUP-PT)
Yehia Youssef Ramadan (FBBAAUM-SP)